There are several types of Chapter Funding programs offered by the Association to support Chapters and Subchapters that are in good standing each year. In addition, National has added a Bonus to chapter funding. The following descriptions outline the chapter funding available in 2020:

Chapter Compliance Funding

The sum of $1,200.00 is to be paid to the Chapter/Subchapter to support its educational, professional development and membership recruiting/retention activities. Chapter Compliance Funding is paid for the calendar year and is based on the prior years’ compliance with the requirements to maintain good standing status with the Association. Grant monies will not be paid until all reporting is complete. Each Chapter and Subchapter must comply with the following requirements in order to remain in good standing and be eligible for this chapter grant:

    • Posting your Chapter Meetings – All chapter meeting notices must be sent to National for posting on the chapter’s website
    • Financial Reports of Chapter/Subchapter meetings must be prepared and sent to National Headquarters within one month of each Chapter meeting setting forth the date, location and purpose of the meeting. National will record and verify the following two requirements from the chapter’s financial reports:
      • Four chapter meetings per year – the chapter must provide at least four chapter meetings per year
      • Four CEUs per year – the chapter must offer at least .4 CEUs per year
    • Year-end financial report must be submitted to National Headquarters no later than January 31st of each year.
    • Chapter Compliance Form – is due by January 31st and includes:
      • Confirmation of chapter requirements
      • Recruiting Committee names
      • Strategic Plan – goals for the year
    • Chapter Officer Training must be completed by March 31st
    • IRS 990N Tax post card or 990EZ must be filed with the Internal Revenue Service by May 15th each year (where applicable). Proof of the “Accepted” filing status shall be provided to National by May 15th. (Accepted status can be obtained from your IRS account within 20 minutes of filing.)

Please mark your calendars with the dates for compliance of each requirement. Non-compliance with any of the above dates will result in disqualification of eligibility for this funding.

Bonus Funding

      • Affiliated School Program. Chapters that sign-up a new school for the NKBA Affiliated School program will receive $100.00 for each school (up to a $500.00 maximum payment for 5 schools). Notification must be sent via email to National within one month of the school joining. Bonus checks will be processed as received, however, no funding will be paid after December 15th.
      • Student-focused activities. Chapters that plan at least one student-focused activity will receive a bonus of $500.00. A plan for the activity must be documented in the Compliance Grant Form when it is submitted on January 31. After the event, send notification to National within 30 days to advise and include a brief description of the event. Bonus funding checks will be processed as received, however, no funding will be paid after December 15th.

Subchapter Development Funding

The sum of $2,000 paid to a Subchapter that is newly formed by NKBA within a Chapter’s boundaries, together with a payment of $500.00 to the Chapter from which the Subchapter was formed.

Chapter Initiative Grant

Chapters and Subchapters may apply for a Chapter Initiative Grant to support specific activities developed by a Chapter or Subchapter to aid in the fulfillment of its educational, professional development and membership recruiting/retention activities. Grants are requested through an application process submitted to National. The Chapter Leadership Committee will review the applications and approve based upon the established criteria. The amount of funds available each year for grants shall be set forth in the annual budget of the Association; however, the maximum amount to be awarded to any one (1) Chapter or Subchapter each year is $2,500.00. We cannot guarantee that all chapters will be approved for the specific amount requested. Chapters should apply only for the amount needed to achieve successful initiatives listed on the application.

The application (see link below) is to be filled out in its entirety and should give a clear picture of any specific initiatives (one or more) that will be done during the year to increase chapter membership, enhance member benefits or create awareness. This application is the responsibility of your board, as a team, to fill out. This is an optional program and not mandatory that chapters apply for this grant. The deadline to submit the application is January 31st.

Chapter Compliance Grant Form

Chapter Initiative Grant Application