As a member of the NKBA, strengthen your brand by aligning yourself with the industry’s leading association.

The NKBA offers its members the information, templates, and tips needed to create targeted consumer print advertising. Through the use of our logo, customizable phone book, magazine, and newspaper ads, promote yourself as one of the finest professionals in the kitchen and bath industry.

Take advantage of the Association’s extensive promotional activity and marketing partnerships to build national brand recognition for you and your company as a member of the NKBA. Use the new NKBA logo on all of your communications and promotional materials to foster consumer confidence and trade recognition.

National Kitchen & Bath Association Logo

The main mark of the NKBA brand is a bold, authoritative, forward-thinking representation of the NKBA and its diverse membership. The NKBA logo is only to be used by active member companies, individual members, select vendors, and marketing partners.

NKBA Chapter Social Media Icons

Stay social! We’ve prepared all the social media icons for each chapter, making it easy to update your social media spaces. Click the button below, search your Local Chapter and download sized logos for Facebook (FB), Twitter (Tw) and LinkedIn (In).

NKBA Brand Standards Manual

This document describes the core elements of the NKBA brand identity system and provides guidelines for the correct use of all aspects of the NKBA logo and its brand extensions.

NKBA Member Logos

The Member NKBA logo proudly displays professional membership in the premier kitchen and bath industry association. The Member NKBA logo is only to be used by active member companies and individual members in good standing.


The Certified Member NKBA logo enhances individual members image by attesting that they have earned certification status. The Certified Member NKBA logo is only to be used by certified NKBA members (i.e. CKD, CBD, and CMKBD). An NKBA certification appellation after a member’s name instantly identifies them as a trained kitchen and bath professional and is seen as a tangible benefit by consumers.

*Certification appellations may only be used directly following a certified individual’s name.


By displaying the NKBA Affiliated School logo you acknowledge that your institution has joined with the Association to promote best practices in education and provide an opportunity for the next generation of kitchen and bath professionals.


The Student Member NKBA logo proudly proclaims student affiliation with the National Kitchen & Bath Association.


Displaying the NKBA Student Chapter logo is an effective way to develop success through alignment with the NKBA brand.