Skilled Trade Candidate Attitudinal Assessment

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Skilled Trade Candidate Attitudinal Assessment

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The Skilled Trade Candidate Attitudinal Assessment study was conducted to determine how best to approach high school students for potential careers in fields that are key to our industry. Over 550 male and female students in grades 9 through 12 qualified by responding that they would consider a career in skilled trades. The report goes on to assess what prompted their interest, what they perceive as the major benefits and drawbacks of jobs in these areas, and what types of information and training methods are needed to keep them engaged.

Key Takeaways 

  • Interest levels in skilled trade careers are almost as high among females as males, with remodeling/renovation top-ranked for females and smart-home technology, audio, video and security installations strongest among males.
  • High school class/training programs, social media and working on home improvement projects at home were mentioned most as sources of initial interest.
  • “Learning a skill” and “good pay” easily topped the response list for perceived benefits of the field, cited by 22% apiece.
  • “Hard physical work” was mentioned as the top drawback, also by 22% of respondents, with “Not enough money” at 12%.
  • Preferred learning methods were led by “Field trips to local businesses,” “One-on-one day at work,” and “Career days.”

Additional Topics Covered

  • Level of interest in skilled trade compared with other career paths
  • Best time to expose students to benefits of these fields
  • Most appealing job characteristics
  • Number of friends also considering these careers
  • Favored training methods