Start a Student Chapter

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(For NKBA Accredited/Supported Programs Only)

Start A Student Chapter

The NKBA has more than 33 student chapters across North America. If your school is an NKBA Supported or Accredited Program, you can enjoy the many benefits of having a student NKBA organization on campus. NKBA student chapters' governance reflects the national governance manual. This document states the national NKBA strategic plan, goals and objectives, membership policies, design legislation statements, and more.

Student Chapter Formation

Now is the time to give your student body a priceless experience by starting an NKBA student chapter on your campus. Does an Interior Design club already exist on campus?

Why not add the NKBA in conjunction with this list of organizations that students can join! The NKBA by-laws have changed to increase the officers from three to four, making combining with other organizations even easier. The positions open are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Review the NKBA Student Chapter Formation in the leadership manual for complete instructions on forming a chapter.

Volunteer to be an NKBA Student Chapter Officer

Volunteering as an NKBA student chapter officer is a rewarding experience that provides opportunities to network with professionals and ascertain leadership qualities. NKBA student officers enjoy many of the privileges of our professional leaders, such as an invitation to participate in the regional training meeting held bi-annually. Attend a regional meeting and the NKBA will pay for all of the officers and a coordinator to attend.

Apply for a Student Chapter Grant

Apply for a student chapter grant! The NKBA continues to offer a yearly renewable grant of $500 for new student chapters or existing chapters with submittal of the proper paperwork. The grant check is sent to the Supported/Accredited Coordinator with the understanding that these funds are to be used to support the activities of the student chapter for networking and educational/professional development activities.

To qualify for up to a $500 grant, submission of the NKBA Student Chapter Activities/Financial Report is due on November 30.

Host a Joint Student/Professional Chapter Meeting

There are more than 70 professional NKBA chapters and sub-chapters across North America that meet regularly to advance the NKBA's mission and goals. The chapter meetings usually have both an educational and networking food component. NKBA members promote interaction between students and professionals; they volunteer to mentor students, serve as advisors to educational programs, and sponsor a variety of student activities, including career days, competitions, outings, and local chapter meetings. To find your local professional chapter, click here.

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