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In 1987, the NKBA established standards to provide consistent, quality education for students who wish to become kitchen and bathroom professionals. Educational institutions that have achieved accreditation have incorporated NKBA reference materials and resources into their curriculum. Students that graduate from an NKBA Accredited Program are uniquely qualified to earn an NKBA certification designation.

What is Accreditation?

According to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, "Accreditation is a process of external quality review used by higher education to scrutinize colleges, universities and educational programs for quality assurance and quality improvement." In the United States, accreditation is carried out by private, non-profit organizations designed for this specific purpose. Most importantly, accreditation assists prospective students in identifying academic quality.

Excellence Through Accreditation

  • Standards
  • Self-study process
  • On-site evaluation
  • Publication of programs that qualify
  • Monitoring
  • Re-evaluation

The established standards are based on the role delineation study. The knowledge and skills necessary for competent practice in the profession are divided into four domains: Planning and Design, Construction/Mechanical Systems, Business Management and Products/Materials. Each school seeking accreditation must adequately meet the standards for each of these domains. Schools seeking accreditation submit a self-study and an analysis of competencies as related to the domains. An on-site evaluation is conducted, which includes class observations, a curriculum review meeting with faculty, presentation of projects and interviews with students, faculty, and administration.

Student work samples are evaluated by industry professionals as a subjective measure of the program. Programs that meet the qualifications for accreditation, or a preliminary status of supported, are published both in print and on the NKBA website. Each year, the Association monitors the progress of these schools with the submission of student work samples based on the NKBA Student Design Competition. This process provides an outcome- based assessment to the schools.

NKBA Accredited Programs have a re-evaluation period of seven years.

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