Board of Directors Application

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Board of Directors App 2016

Please complete this Application form in its entirety and submit it no later than Thrusday, August 31, 2017. If you need more space when filling out any section of this form, please use the additional sheets at the end of the application.

Please submit a bio, resume and current picture to separately from your application for consideration.

Important: this application is the document used by the Leadership Recruitment Committee for selection purpose.

No firm, corporation, entity or employer may have more than 1 representative serving simultaneously on the Board of Directors. No related family member may serve simultaneously on the Board of Directors. No member may serve on two national committees or councils simultaneously.

Board of Directors Job Description

The Board of Directors lead the association in carrying out the strategic plan, hires the CEO holding him/her accountable and focuses on matters of the association policy at an appropiate high level. The Board monitors results for the association, develops and manages the performance of the board and individual board members. This includes and ongoing process of board development and assesing the performance of the board and of indivudual board members as well as a regular review of how the board conducts its work.

Requirements of this position:

  • An understanding of and commitment to the basic mission of the organization
  • An understanding of the strategic goals of the Association
  • An understanding of the Kitchen and Bath Industry
  • Available to fully participate in a minimum of three meetings annually either in person or by conference call

By Submitting this Application, I acknowledge that I have read the above requirements and agree to abide by those conditions.

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(Note: Applicants must be either a voting member in good standing of the NKBA or employed in a business that is ineligible for membership in the Association).
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* 1. List any Degrees/Accreditations you hold.
* 2. Why are you interested in serving on the NKBA Board of Directors?
* 3. What do you feel are the top three challenges facing the industry?
* 4. In what other associations have you served and which volunteer positions?
* 5. Tell us about your work, projects or accomplishments, along with any recognition you have received for your work
* 6. Please describe your area of expertise and explain how that would benefit the Association in achieving its goals and objectives.
* 7. Please describe how your business and management experience will help you contribute as a board member.
* 8. What experience, if any, do you have that gives you a global perspective of the kitchen and bath industry?
* 9. What are your personal strengths and talents? List as many as you feel describe you.
Additional comments
By submitting this Application, I acknowledge that I have read the above requirements and agree to abide by those conditions.

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