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NKBA Accredited Programs

There are many benefits of NKBA Accredited Programs to schools, students, and professors. Your school will be recognized by prospective students, educational institutions, and industry members for providing the training essential to be successful in the industry.   As a student at an NKBA supported or accredited program, you receive a host of benefits, such as a substantial discount on student membership, member publications and tools. You also have the opportunity to hold office in a student chapter and compete for scholarships awarded only to students in NKBA Accredited Programs. The most important benefit is the opportunity to sit for the NKBA certification exam at the completion of your education.  

Supported Programs

NKBA Supported Programs use coursework based on NKBA reference materials and represent an intermediate step towards obtaining a full NKBA Accreditation.  

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You owe it to yourself to join the finest professionals in the kitchen and bath industry. Take advantage of the powerful networking and educational opportunities the NKBA offers, and find the perfect outlet to express your creativity, your passion, and your knowledge of the industry. NKBA members represent the highest professional standard in the industry and achieve the greatest success.

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