Certification Requirements

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  • Associate Kitchen & Bath Designer (AKBD)
  • Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer (CKBD)
  • Certified Kitchen and Bath Educator (CKBE)
  • Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD)
  • Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Educator (CMKBE)


NKBA Certified Kitchen & Bath Designers

 Certification Experience Education Documentation Exam & Format

2 years

1 year of kitchen/bath experience

1 year of related experience

30 NKBA hours or NKBA approved college education.


1. Application
2. Exam registration form
3. Two (2) professional affidavits
4. Work experience verification form(s)
5. College transcripts(Optional)
6. Candidate testimony            
AKBD academic exam -
computer-based multiple choice

5 years

2 years  full-time residential kitchen and bath experience

3 years of related experience or education 

60 NKBA hours of approved college education 1. Application
2. Exam registration form
3. 2 professional affidavits
4. 2 client references
5. Work experience verification form(s)
6. College transcripts
7. Candidate testimony
Must pass AKBD academic exam and; Application drawing and; CKBD exam-computer-based, multiple choice
CKD/CBD® This exam is no longer offered but CKD/CBD will continue to hold their certification

2 years beyond initial CKD or CBD or CKBD certification 100 NKBA hours

1. Application
2. See NKBA.org for additional requirements.



No exam - must possess both CKD and CBD, or CKBD certifications 

AKBD Candidates


The NKBA will retain the exam fee for candidates that cancel their scheduled exam without at least 72 hours notice.


Candidates who wish to reschedule an exam without at least 72 hours notice will be charged a $100 rescheduling fee.

No Shows

Candidates who do not show for their scheduled exam date must resubmit their exam fee. Candidates who wish to cancel their scheduled exam up to 72 hours before their scheduled exam date will be refunded the exam fees.

Cancellations and postponements must be completed via www.webassessor.com/nkba.

CKBD Candidates


Candidates who cancel or postpone their design exam, or transfer to a new site or test format may do so in writing to the NKBA Certification Department, up until three (3) weeks prior to the test date for a fee of $75 or may receive a refund or a credit for their exam fees only. Candidates who wish to cancel their exam within three weeks of the exam date will lose all exam registration fees. Candidates may not postpone or transfer from one test site to another within three weeks of the exam.

No Shows

Registered candidates who do not appear for the exam on their scheduled exam date will be considered a no show and must resubmit all fees and registration forms.

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