Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I submit my CEUs?

A. To submit your CEU, log-on to using your NKBA member ID (not your company’s ID).  Complete an online CEU Reporting Form using your individual member ID (not your company’s ID) and your name on record (please provide hyphenated names, married names, etc.) Once completed, click to send the information directly to the NKBA Certification Department for processing. Faxed or mailed CEU reporting forms will not be accepted.

Q. What will I see on my CEU on-line account?

A. You may access and monitor your account by logging into our website as a member and looking at the top right-hand sidebar. Your account displays your approved, pending (under review), and declined CEUs for the current cycle. If CEU credit is not posted to your record within four weeks of the submission date, or there is a discrepancy, please contact the Customer Service Department at 800-THE-NKBA (843-6522). The NKBA no longer provides individual statements.

Q. What are some examples of activities and events for earning CEUs?

A. NKBA educational courses, NKBA chapter meetings, KBIS conference seminars, ASID educational programs, AIA educational programs, courses, courses,  NARI educational programs, college courses, Home center “How-to” seminars, vendor training, and submitting written essays.

Q What are some examples of activities and events that DO NOT qualify for CEUs?

A. Teaching, lecturing, writing articles for publication, interviewing, holiday parties, awards presentations, tours, trade shows, or entering or judging design contests. 

Q. What are some examples of topics that qualify for CEUs?

A. Kitchen/bath design, interior design, construction, sales, architecture, color, art, health/safety/welfare, universal design, insurance/liability, perspective drawing, surfaces, leadership, ergonomics, countertop design, lighting/illumination, codes & standards, fabrics & furnishings, appliances, ADA, building technology, history of architecture, showroom design, business management, aging in place, CAD, green design, and marketing.  

Q. What are some examples of topics that DO NOT qualify for CEUs?

A. Commercial roofing, techniques in teaching, trends in the rental housing market, and pest control.

Q. How many CEUs must a retired certified member earn?

A. Certified members, who have officially registered their member status with the NKBA as retired, must earn five hours (0.5 CEUs).

Q. How many CEUs must a member on a Leave of Absence earn?

A. Certified members who have been approved for a certification leave of absence with the NKBA will have their CEU requirements pro-rated.

Q: What happens if I don’t meet the CEU requirements?

A: Individuals whose certification has been revoked due to non-compliance with the CEU program will be required to reapply and retake the certification exam, unless they can document proof of having earned the required CEU credit.

Q: Can I get an extension?

A: No. All 20 hours must be earned and submitted by the end of the cycle.

Q: What if there are no local programs or chapters in my area?

A: There are numerous options for earning CEU credit without having to travel a long distance:

  • Attend an NKBA online course.
  • Attend a “how-to” seminar at a local home improvement center.
  • Attend a seminar at a local builder’s show, appliance show, etc.
  • Attend a seminar from an allied organization (ASID, NAHB, AIA, NARI, etc.).
  • Take a course at a local community college, university, or technical school (credit and non-credit).
  • Write correspondence essays based on any NKBA publication or on our website.

Q: Can CEUs earned in excess of 2.0 carry over to the next cycle?

A: No. CEUs do not carry over to the next 2-year cycle.

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