Verification Visit Procedures

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During the verification visit the Educational Institution seeking accreditation will:

  • Reserve a room that will provide a location for the team to meet, preferably capable of hosting the student work display, team faculty meeting, student interviews and all the materials necessary to review the program (see items under student work display and team faculty meeting). The NKBA Professional Resource Library and a laptop are to be in the room.
  • Prepare a display of student work and course information that are included in the certificate/degree that is seeking accreditation. General course studies are not to be displayed. The site visit team will be verifying that the terminology, concepts, and knowledge found in the NKBA Professional Resource Library have been included in your curriculum. The team will evaluate the knowledge, skills, and abilities stated on the NKBA Body of Knowledge form as identified in the NKBA Role Delineations Study conducted in 2005 based on the evidence presented in the display. The following out-come illustrated verbs are used in The Body of Knowledge form to describe desired results.

Definitions of outcome illustrated verbs:

1. Knowledge – The remembering (recalling) previously learned information.

2. Understanding – Grasping the meaning of material (makes sense out of, restates, summarizes).

3. Application – The use of learned information in new situations to solve problems.

  • The display is to be:
    • Accessible to the team and permanent for the entire visit (the team will need at least 4 hours to review privately).
    • Presented in chronological order from first course to last, with the information from each course grouped together and clearly identified.
    • Represent all required courses in the certificate/degree seeking accreditation that were incorporated in the application packet, including courses that are taken in other departments.
    • Actual work completed in courses found on the form entitled The NKBA Body of Knowledge.
    • Be current, from the past 3 years. Each project must be dated.
    • Be arranged on vertical and/or horizontal surfaces or electronically, as appropriate or available. Electronic files must be accompanied by appropriate medium to review files.
  • Display Items - Course Information: The following is to be displayed for each course that appears on the Schedule of Courses form:
    • Teaching Manual - A binder labeled with course name and number that includes syllabus, course schedules, assignments, handouts, presentations, blank exams or tests, and any other learning inputs such as a list of field trips, or guest speakers, except general studies.
    • Required course textbooks and/or custom published documents prepared by the instructor (copies of any other reading assignments). It is required to site the relationship, page numbers/chapters of the information to the NKBA Professional Resource Library.
    • Digital assignments/projects if applicable and instructions on accessing.
  • Display items - Student Work Example Outcomes: The following is to be displayed for each course that appears on The NKBA Body of Knowledge form. Include two examples for each item/project. Examples should be produced by a variety of students, not just two students providing all of the examples for the entire curriculum.
    • Include matrices, bubble diagrams/schematics, needs surveys and more
    • 2 and 3-D basic creative work
    • Drafting, CAD, drawings, perspectives
    • Design proposals
    • Programming documents
    • Details and working drawings
    • Business documents
    • Papers, completed exams, and/or a compilation of exam results for history, theory, etc.
    • Any other examples of program outcomes that demonstrate achievement of The NKBA Body of Knowledge.
    • Student work example outcomes should include at least  two examples for each item
  • Display items for multiple programs or online courses:
    • Schools seeking accreditation for multiple programs, e.g. Certificate and Associate degree or traditional and online will display course information and student work sample outcomes for students studying at each type of program.
    • In the event the course information is exactly the same for both program options, one Teaching Manual can be displayed; however, the school is required to display student work samples from both programs. These samples are to be clearly identified with the name of the program.
      • Arrange for a team faculty curriculum discussion meeting with presentations by the professors that teach the materials found in the NKBA Professional Resource Library and listed on The NKBA Body of Knowledge form. (approximately 4 hours).
      • Each professor will give a synopsis of the class to include: (a) copy of syllabus, (b) timeline with weekly objectives, (c) examples of projects and activities, (d) list of the sections of Professional Resource Library that are being covered in the class (if faculty member is unable to attend, a colleague can present the information).
      • There will be time for standards of best practice and brainstorming of the objectives.
    • Provide AV equipment for presentations to the students and administration
    • Assist in travel arrangements of the NKBA national representatives
    • Invite industry professionals, the NKBA Certified Faculty/Advisor, and the NKBA Chapter Officers to attend the luncheon and/or dinner, tour of facility and presentations by the NKBA and the administration (event is optional, but strongly encouraged).
    • Prepare an agenda at least 6 months in advance to the verification visit date in collaboration with the NKBA headquarters and coordinate all activities. Each school has unique qualities and scheduling, so the day’s agenda is prepared by the school seeking accreditation. The site visit team will consist of a representative from the NKBA, a full-time educator that has obtained the NKBA Certification, and, when possible a local NKBA Certified Chapter Officer. Not all activities of the site visit need to be reviewed by the entire team. Since the team’s time is valuable, it is important to group activities that must be completed by the entire team together. A sample agenda is provided in this section.

Verification Visit Fees

Beginning January 2014, your school will be sent an invoice that reflects the new fees for NKBA Supported and Accredited programs. Instead of receiving multiple invoices throughout the year for membership, visit fees, support fees, and other miscellaneous fees as has been the case in the past, the new invoices will bundle all of the NKBA fees in one. The fee of $1100 is comprised of your yearly membership dues, the Verification visit fee which is the total amount of the visit fee amortized over the new 7 year cycle, and the NKBA administrative fee.

There will no longer be fees for canceled visits or multiple invoices for the billing visit year. With the actual visit cost amortized over the 7 years, you can budget for one amount each year without having to call NKBA each spring to see what the amounts will be.

Verification Visit Timeline

  • Application packet (must contain two copies of the application) is submitted to the NKBA (Request for a Verification Form may be included)
  • NKBA reviews application packet (collaborates with school on contents)
  • NKBA issues preliminary Supported Status and sends letter, certificate, and the Request for a Verification Visit form
  • At least nine months in advance of the requested date of site visit, the school returns the Request for a Verification Visit form to NKBA; the form includes dates indicating when the kitchen and bath mastery courses will be taught and the anticipated date of student work samples submission.
  • NKBA confirms site evaluators, reviews travel schedules and issues a Confirmation Verification Letter.
  • 6 months or more prior to confirmed site visit date, the school sends the agenda to NKBA, the tentative number of participants for the presentation to the students and the presentation to the administrators and an electronic copy of  the completed NKBA Body of Knowledge form.
  • NKBA evaluates the agenda, confirms travel arrangements of site evaluators, and provides site evaluators contact information.
  • 2 weeks prior to site visit NKBA sends package to school for presentations.
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