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NKBA Charts a New Path Towards Industry Growth

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What will it take to grow the $31 billion kitchen and bath industry? A refined NKBA vision and mission statement to attain that goal was unveiled to more than 130 chapter leaders, young professionals and CEOs during the NKBA Thought Leadership Summit last week.

NKBA CEO Bill Darcy shared the association's new vision on how it would lead in growing the industry and improving business conditions for all market segments.

VISION: The NKBA envisions a world where everyone enjoys safe, beautiful and functional kitchen and bath spaces.

: Through the creation of marketplaces, networks, and certifications, the NKBA will inspire, lead and empower the kitchen and bath industry.

Amid applause and excitement, Darcy’s opening remarks were live streamed on Facebook.

Darcy defined the key terms used in the revamped NKBA Mission statement:
  • Marketplaces are the ways the association helps member businesses grow and thrive. KBIS is the best example of an NKBA marketplace.
  • Networks are the opportunities provide for members to meet others in their industry. NKBA’s more than 68 chapters across 10 regions are a prime example of leveraging the professional opportunities within each member’s local kitchen and bath community.
  • Certifications ensure the industry meets the highest possible standards.
NKBA TLS 16-50Following a keynote address by tech expert Shelly Palmer, Summit attendees convened into small working groups to share ideas and brainstorm about what they could do to be part of growing the industry through NKBA participation and industry engagement. (We would love your input, too. Share your input with your chapter leadership or send to the NKBA marketing department at marketing@nkba.org.

Monogram Kitchen, photo by Alex Van NuysThe event, the first of its kind for NKBA, was sponsored by Monogram, which debuted product offerings to attendees.


NKBA-Thought Leadership SummitAttendees then got a preview of the soon-to-be launched NKBA website. The redesigned site, expected to go live this fall, will offer users easier navigation and a fresh, modern design. In addition to the new site, Darcy noted that the association has tripled its investment into research to empower members through leading benchmark data, economic trends and forecasts.

Finally, the new CKBD appellation and strengthened continuing education requirements were discussed. In July, the new Certified Kitchen and Bath Designer (CKBD) accreditation took effect, which combines two existing certifications: the Certified Kitchen Designer (CKD) and Certified Bath Designer (CBD) designation. Around the same time, increases to the professional education requirements were announced, making 20 CEU hours the new standard for certified members to achieve before June 30, 2018. By requiring more rigorous CEU program requirements, the NKBA will be regarded as the gold standard in continuing industry education, noted Darcy.

“Early signal analysis through research and forecasting. NKBA is doing it!” said Darcy in the exciting, uplifting conclusion of his speech. “Empowering the grassroots through our chapters. NKBA is doing it! Industry communications. Consumer inspiration, NKBA is doing it! Building consumer confidence. NKBA is doing it. You’re doing it… We're doing it … We ARE the NKBA!”

For those not attending the Thought Leadership Summit, catch up by watching Bill Darcy’s presentation above, which was live streamed to the NKBA Facebook page.

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