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The National Kitchen & Bath Association seeks to recognize members of the NKBA who have added to the growth of our Association by bringing in new members. In appreciation of their continuing efforts, we induct them into the NKBA Ambassadors Club.

The success of the NKBA Ambassadors Club is attributed to more than 180 members who have recruited over 4,000 new members into the NKBA. These recruiters receive national recognition through this website.

What is the Ambassadors Club? ​The NKBA Ambassadors Club was created in 1983 to recognize individuals whose involvement represents the pinnacle of Association services.

  • Membership in the club is reserved for individuals who recruit at least five(5) new members in the below-stated- 12 month period. The initial 5 members one recruits in the 12 month period is a members "induction" into the club. Then every five in subsequent years is a pin upgrade.
  • Due to KBIS scheduling, the cycle for recruiting new members runs from October 1st thru September 30theach year.

Who is eligible to participate?: Any Active member of the NKBA is elegible to become an Ambassador.

Where and When is award recognized? Awards are presented at KBIS. KBIS 2017 is January 10-12, 2017 (Time for ceremony to be determined)

What are some of the policies regarding Ambassadors club?:

  • Any active NKBA member can participate
  • Members can be recruited in any "non-student" paid membership category
  • Only one Ambassadors Club credit is awarded for each new paid membership.
  • Ambassadors Club credit will be awarded only after the membership application is processed.
  • Reactivating a firm will count as a new application if the firm has not been active NKBA member for at least 12 months; a Branch membership application will count as a new mwmber recruited.

Are there any exclusions?

  • Recruiters must be identified on the NKBA application form at the time it is submitted to the NKBA for processing to earn Ambassadors Club credit.
  • An individual cannot receive credit if they recruit a "branch" from within their immediate corporate structure.
  • Changing membership categories does not count as a new application.

Additional Award Opportunities are as follows:

Awards presented according to the revenue levels of the recruited companies. The recruiter must recruit at least FIVE NEW COMPANIES. Top three recruiters will receive a monetary award and certificate:

Silver      $250
Gold       $500
Platinum $750


  • This award will be presented to a recruiter who has recruited at least ten new companies.
  • The person with the highest revenue collected for this award will receive a Crystal Trophy, Certificate and $1,000.
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