30 Under 30

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30 Under 30

Are you looking to expand your career? Would meeting other successful young professionals broaden your ideas and possibilities? If so, then you want to be part of our 30 Under 30 program for KBIS 2016.

The NKBA is currently searching for 30 outstanding individuals under the age of 30 who are passionate in their profession and forward-thinking toward their success in the kitchen and bath industry. You will be recognized during next year’s Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The purpose of this program is to engage and recognize young people who will be the voice and next generation of kitchen and bath professionals. It will offer new opportunities for growth and development in support of the kitchen and bath industry. Our first program in New Orleans, Louisiana was a huge success! The possibilities and opportunities are endless.

All you have to do is meet the following criteria:

  • Born on or after January 22, 1986
  • Be outgoing, passionate and excited to network with new colleagues
  • Work in the kitchen and bath industry
  • You are interested in furthering your career within the kitchen and bath industry
  • Your current employer supports your participation in this program

Candidates chosen for the program will receive:

  • Reimbursement for flight and hotel costs
  • Show floor pass, conference pass and access to a Keynote session at KBIS 2016
  • Participate in pre-event and post-event activities focused on our 30 under 30 program and KBIS 2016

Applications are due by noon Monday, August 3, 2015.
Have questions? Please email us at 30under30@nkba.org

Submission forms open June 15, 2015.

Please read the attached tips to help you prepare your submission. Click here to read tips for making an impression.

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Make sure to include the following information in your submission:

·         Awards and acknowledgements you have received for work in the kitchen and bath industry

·         Sales and marketing accomplishments, statistics, and sales figures

·         Certifications related to the kitchen and bath industry

·         Community service/charity involvement – industry related or other

·         NKBA Chapter officer positions held, or other industry related association memberships, etc.

·         Innovative solutions you have brought to your job, improvements in job processes, project involvement  above and                           beyond your daily job requirements

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